• June 21, 2024

Last June, RPA provider Blue Prism announced it had acquired Thoughtonomy, a technology company specializing in delivering RPA via the software-as-a-service model. That deal came full circle this week, when Blue Prism announced a set of upgrades to its solution lineup enabling it to deliver services in a more comprehensive way to its customers via a SaaS. The company said it has leveraged Thoughtonomy’s SaaS experience to underpin three new offerings for its Digital Workforce platform.

“Blue Prism has essentially taken some of the strongest elements of its Thoughtonomy acquisition and re-branded and packaged as new fully integrated offerings available on the DX,” said Elena Christopher, senior vice president at HFS Research, in a statement from the company. “These offerings are in strong alignment with HFS’ latest research with 260 power users of RPA; better dashboards and analytics and enhanced AI capabilities topped this list as the most pervasive customer needs.”