• June 21, 2024

RPA provider Blue Prism has added conversational AI company Humley as a technology partner. Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program enables its customers to integrate various related technologies into its RPA automations.

U.K.-based Humley’s product uses machine learning and natural language processing enabling companies to deploy chatbots and assistants for use in customer service, employee onboarding and other applications. In concert with RPA, the companies said the partnership with make end-to-end automation easier to achieve.

“Humley’s partnership with Blue Prism supercharges the capabilities of intelligent automation through enabling organizations to connect back and front office processes,” said Adam Harrold, CEO of Humley. “Utilizing natural conversations with employees and customers to not just provide support and information, but also actionability through triggering RPA processes. The combination of the two technologies means that organizations can deliver even greater efficiencies and ensure project success by enabling users to interact with RPA in a language they understand. This increases user adoption throughout an organization and enables automation and RPA projects to scale more effectively across a business and its processes.”