• June 21, 2024

Blueprint Software Systems, a Toronto-based software provider, has launched a new platform it says goes beyond process automation, enabling organizations to achieve a deeper understanding of all its processes. The company said its new Business Transformation Platform can analyze an organization’s processes and determine their value, identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements.

“Blueprint’s initial use case in the automation space focused heavily on simplifying and supporting RPA design processes for large organizations. Through our work, however, we found that organizations which were focusing on process automation were encountering upstream problems that Blueprint was uniquely suited to fill,” says Dan Shimmerman, CEO, Blueprint. “For process automation initiatives to be successful, organizations need to start with process improvement, a discovery that ultimately helped drive development of our Transformation Platform.”

The platform acts as a process command center, enabling an organization to collect, quantify and organize its entire ecosystem of processes, understand the current state of that ecosystem, model and simulate processes in a collaborative space and identify data-driven improvements they can make.