• May 25, 2024

Intelligent document processing (IDP) specialist Rossum unveiled a partnership with process mining stalwart Celonis that will integrate the London-based company’s IDP technology in Celonis’s platform enabling users to tap into enhanced process intelligence capabilities. The companies said the partnership will be particularly helpful to Celonis customers using the platform to identify and reduce errors to invoices.

“Rossum brings a unique set of capabilities to document processing that will help our shared clients to improve duplicate invoice detection, boost operational efficiency and save money while accelerating workflow automation projects,” said Ke Zhang, senior director of Partner Innovation at Celonis. “We will collaborate with Rossum on technology developments while supporting joint go-to-market efforts.”

In the announcement of the partnership, the companies noted Goldman Sachs data that found automating accounts payable processes can result in time savings of 70 to 80 percent. Rossum said its technology enables users to incorporate unstructured documents, which account for a significant share of the manual work in invoicing, into better automations resulting in improved workflows.