• June 21, 2024

As RPA and intelligent automation increase their stature as important business tools, educational and training opportunities that can advance individuals’ understanding of the technology and value in the current environment continue to proliferate. For businesses, finding trained tech workers is an ongoing problem.

While universities around the world are beginning to focus on automation as a course of study, private training organizations are also entering the fray. ABP School of Automation is the educational arm of UK business process management consultancy ABP Consulting and recently it partnered with the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board in Ireland to offer paid training in RPA.

The remote learning program pays “benefits equivalent to €220 ($241) per week” during the 12-week introductory phase. Subsequent training levels range from €340 ($372) to €460 per week and course organizers say the entry-level RPA developer jobs in the public sector awaiting graduates is around €30,000 to €35,000 ($32,823 to $38,293) annually. Eventually, an RPA developer in Ireland can make €60,000 ($65,645) or more.

“RPA is emerging as one of the most important facets of modern workplaces and we only have to look at the improvements in efficiencies it has brought in government departments to see its worth,” said Marc Cooper, CEO of ABP School of Automation. “We urgently need to close the skills gap to meet demand.”