• June 20, 2024

Health care was identified early on as an industry that would benefit significantly from RPA and automation in general. Executives responsible for revenue cycle in health care organizations, however, indicated in a new poll that they would prefer automation solutions tailored specifically for their industry.

A survey conducted by Alpha Health, a provider of those types of solutions, found more than 90 percent of healthcare finance leaders agreed that it was important for automation solutions to be specifically designed for revenue cycle management in health care.

“Managing the revenue cycle at health systems and hospitals is complex, resource intensive and difficult to scale. Traditional automation tools are generalized, lacking specificity for healthcare claims processing,” said Malinka Walaliyadde, co-founder and CEO of Alpha Health. “We recognized that a cross functional team and good processes would only take us so far. To develop new and truly innovative solutions we intentionally built a ‘bilingual’ team of machine learning PhD engineers and revenue cycle experts who teach each other about their respective domains. The result is a team of experts who naturally speak both ‘languages’ – machine learning and revenue cycle operations – bringing unique and meaningful insights to our approach and product development.”