• June 21, 2024

HeartCore Enterprises signed an agreement with Transcosmos Digital Technology (TCDT) to be an exclusive reseller of its process mining tool Apromore in the Japanese market. Tokyo-based HeartCore provides technology and services around digital transformation, including intelligent automation, process mining and task mining software.

Officials from HeartCore said TCDT’s Apromore process mining tool enables businesses to assess their business processes for bottlenecks and non-conformity risks. The company is also a reseller of IBM’s process mining technology that it acquired when it merged with MyInvenio.

“We are pleased to sign a licensing agreement with TCDT, a company that understands the magnitude and importance of digital transformation,” said CEO Sumitaka Yamamoto. “Though the prevalence of process mining is in its nascent stage, the growing concern among business managers struggling to optimize complex operations led us to pursue our initial exclusive reseller agreement with Apromore in June of last year. We intend to continue partnering with companies such as TCDT, as we expand our go-to-market efforts. We remain laser focused on leveraging our exclusive right to resell Apromore in Japan, as part of our own process mining service and plan to continue taking advantage of synergistic opportunities to scale our Digital Transformation initiative.”

News of the agreement caused shares of HeartCore to nearly double in value.