• May 24, 2024

IDC, a global market intelligence firm based in the Boston area has named Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, EdgeVerve, Kryon and UiPath as “Leaders” in its 2021-2022 IDC Marketscape Worldwide Robotic Process Automation Software Vendor Assessment.

IDC joins a cadre of consultants that have deemed the RPA space significant enough to evaluate its major players. The firm assessed a dozen vendors  in categories including ease and speed of development, architecture, features that improve automation resilience, codeless capabilities, deployment breadth and flexibility, manageability and security, customer satisfaction and pricing.

“Many factors go into making decisions about RPA adoption,” the report says. “This assessment was heavily focused on technology. In our worldwide survey that included RPA adopters, 89 percent of the respondents said RPA met (54 percent), exceeded (26 percent), or significantly exceeded (9 percent) expectations. Individual vendors that exceeded or significantly exceeded expectations tended to offer RPA platforms that were optimized for business users meaning that there was higher satisfaction with simpler development experiences.”

The assessment ranked vendors’ strategies on one axis and capabilities on the other to place them into four broad categories – leaders, major players, contenders and participants. Appian, IBM, Kofax, Microsoft, Nintex, Pegasystems and SAP were grouped as “Major Players.”