• May 23, 2024

Organizations in India have named falling productivity as the business outcome that will be most affected by Covid-19, according to a new report. In “HR resilience planning—Covid-19 Impact and Preparedness,” the Indian unit of global consultancy EY found that 72 percent of Indian companies believe the full impact of the coronavirus will still be felt more than six months from now. Seventy percent noted in the study that falling productivity due to continued remote working is their biggest concern.

For HR departments struggling with falling productivity and rising costs, the study found more than 70 percent of those polled said they are looking toward emerging technologies to assist them, including RPA.

“Today, organizations are grappling with an unprecedented crisis that is fundamentally different from what they have ever experienced,” said Anurag Malik, partner and India Workforce Advisory leader in People Advisory Services for EY India. “In this hour of crisis, the HR function has to be a business partner in anticipating change, co-creating a range of scenarios and planning for the future. It is also the right time for the HR Heads to recalibrate their priorities, focus towards managing remote workforce, digitalize the HR function, and re-imagine workforce models.”