• June 21, 2024

Indico received its Series B funding round ($22 million) in December, and has turned the investment into its latest release, announced this week.

The Boston-based intelligent automation technology provider said the new version of its platform has more features for enterprises including more “out-of-the-box” RPA integrations, industry-specific ACORD form support and more expertise customers can tap for implementation. The company says the improvements will enable businesses to more easily process and analyze unstructured data.

“When we talk about ‘digital transformation,’ it conjures images of major overhauls of infrastructure, applications, and the pursuit of cloud native strategies,” Elena Christopher, senior vice president at HFS Research, said in the Indico announcement. “There is a much more fundamental transformation need at hand – grappling with the sheer volume of unstructured data that plagues all enterprises and gums up their ability to execute fundamental business processes. Legacy approaches emphasizing digitization are no longer viable. Solutions that combine the cognitive power of artificial intelligence with the scalability of modern computing architectures can help enterprises address this massive need.”