• May 23, 2024

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to drive advances in process automation for businesses. InRule Technology announced new capability within its suite of products it says will enable organizations to automate the implementation of ML.

The Chicago-based company said its AutoML feature within the xAI Workbench suite is a guided, no-code process that enables businesses to automate parts of the model-building process. When building ML models is easier and more efficient it allows business line staff and subject matter experts to help create ML models, freeing data scientists to do more specialized research.

“For organizations seeking to empower non-data science staff to build machine learning models, the code-free AutoML workflows within xAI Workbench make building and deploying highly performant machine learning models fast, safe and accessible,” said David Jakopac, Ph.D., vice president, Engineering and Data Science, InRule Technology. “By extending the power of machine learning beyond data scientists and developers, xAI Workbench AutoML furthers InRule Technology’s vision of making automation accessible across the enterprise.”