• June 21, 2024

One of five trends identified in a new report as responsible for driving workforces to adapt to the “AI-enabled world” in the coming year said 2020 “is about realizing the full potential; of humans and machines.” In its 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report: The Skills of the Future, online learning platform Udemy said that, while automation is already here, it’s not just about software robots.

“2020 is more than ever about the ‘human side’ of our workforce,” the report’s authors wrote. “As automation and AI take care of the more mundane tasks, employees are increasingly specializing in tasks that leverage unique ‘human’ strengths like creativity, emotional intelligence, and storytelling. 2020 and the next decade will be about upleveling the human and realizing the full potential of humans and machines in the workplace.”

The report noted that process automation tools are on the rise and that both RPA and business process management rank in the top 10 fastest-growing skills in the coming year. RPA tools, in general ranked as the ninth-fastest growing skill, while UiPath’s RPA tool ranked fifth on the list.