• May 25, 2024

Research firm IDC said, as organizations transition from the crisis mode arising from the global Covid-19 pandemic to more of a recovery posture, it expects adoption and use of RPA and other automation technology to increase in the Asia Pacific region – especially Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

IDC’s new Asia Pacific IT Services Survey found more companies in the ANZ region are farther along at each stage of intelligent automation implementation than the Asia Pacific (AP) market as a whole.

Nearly 15 percent of countries in AP reported having no automation adoption prior to disruption from Covid-19. Less than five percent of companies in Australia and New Zealand said the same. Australia leads the region in early-stage implementations (around 40 percent, compared to 35 percent across all AP and 30 percent in New Zealand). On mid-size implementations, New Zealand companies are leaders with 40 percent having reached this stage compared to around 30 percent of Australian companies and 21 percent across the region.

“Covid-19 will be the catalyst for many ANZ organizations to expand their RPA repertoire,” said IDC ANZ senior research manager Monica Collier. “They may extend existing RPA solutions more widely across the enterprise or deploy new RPA solutions.”