• May 25, 2024

The Covid-19 pandemic is driving organizations in Germany to adopt intelligent automation technologies, including RPA, at a higher rate to enhance resilience and agility, according to a new report ($). Information Services Group (ISG), a Frankfurt, Germany-based research firm and consultancy, said the pandemic reinforced the importance of optimizing costs and productivity and pointed to intelligent automation technology as a solution for those problems.

As a result, large enterprises are quickly adopting RPA and AI-infused automation solutions. Predictably, the report noted, midsize and smaller organizations are not implementing intelligent automation as quickly, and could be falling behind.

“Many businesses are extending automation to front- and middle-office functions,” the report added. “Automation is common in IT infrastructure operations and traditional back-office tasks such as finance and accounting, but German enterprises are now adding automation to supply chain, customer service, and sales and marketing functions.”