• June 21, 2024

Governments, seeking to find efficiencies as they continue to struggle with ballooning debt and increased costs, are a rising force in the use of RPA to automate manual processes. SimpliGov, a San Francisco company that provides cloud-based online forms and workflow automation for federal, state and local governments, said it has partnered with UiPath enabling the public sector to streamline what are in many cases cumbersome operations.

“Automation is increasingly gaining acceptance in the public sector, so the use of robotics is a natural next step for government to automate tedious, repetitive tasks for a variety of benefits,” said Chris Townsend, vice president of Federal Sales at UiPath. “By working with SimpliGov, we are able to help government to more effectively validate and maximize the use of the data captured in online forms across the end-to-end automation continuum.”