• April 21, 2024

Thoughtful Automation, an RPA startup launched in the Bay Area but that recently moved its headquarters to the Midwest, received $5 million in seed funding this week. The company, which was founded in January 2020, provides an automation-as-a-service platform for midsize companies mainly in the healthcare, legal and financial services industries.

The company said it will use proceeds from the round, led by Columbus, Ohio-based Drive Capital, to add capabilities to its platform and solidify its presence in its new Chicago headquarters. The company also hopes to double in size from around 20 to 40 employees early in 2022.

According to Alex Zekoff, CEO of Thoughtful Automation, the startup’s focus on mid-market organizations fills a need that other RPA providers were not addressing.

“Digital workers are transforming large enterprises, but until now, mid-market companies have been priced out,” Zekoff said. “Thoughtful Automation helps mid-market companies rapidly introduce digital workers, becoming more productive and freeing up staff for more engaging and higher value work. The platform is easy to use and has a fast onboarding experience with 300 percent return on investment in the first year alone.”