• June 21, 2024

In November, the introduction of and publicity surrounding ChatGPT brought generative AI into general awareness. While the excitement around the technology as an application for writers, coders and information seekers grows, how businesses might use the technology is unclear. Several companies in the automation space have come to market with technology that combines various aspects of RPA and the AI behind Chat GPT—a technology that enables the gathering, analysis and summarization of information in a chat format that produces various types of written output. 

Recently, RPA technology provider UiPath held an online AI Summit explaining how organizations can operationalize generative AI within the UiPath platform. The event was broadcast live on March 30, but UiPath has made recordings available on demand.

“While AI is moving fast, it requires automation to execute on everyday use cases like interacting across applications, filling in forms, or completing common process automations,” said Graham Sheldon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath. “Businesses are planning to use foundation models and tailor them with data to their unique needs to develop enterprise-grade generative AI experiences. As the Company that built the category for AI-powered automation, the UiPath platform is the best way to accelerate bringing these new experiences to fruition in a responsible, trustworthy way. That’s why our roadmap will further integrate these technologies to allow our customers to implement a combination of AI and automation on the platform they trust.”