• June 21, 2024

RPA technology provider UiPath said it has partnered with Snowflake to integrate UiPath Insights into the data cloud services company’s platform. The agreement provides Snowflake customers with faster data processing and the ability to perform long-term historical analysis enabling companies to scale automation initiatives.

“Our partnership with UiPath can help make scalable, secure RPA analytics on Snowflake more accessible to citizen analysts across an organization, to help drive business outcomes,” said Colleen Kapase, senior vice president of WorldWide Partnerships at Snowflake. “As demand for analytics and RPA on Snowflake increases, partnerships with organizations, such as UiPath, help us serve customers globally and support our mission of mobilizing the world’s data.”

Data cloud services providers enable organizations that are exploring moving their data ecosystems to the cloud. UiPath said the partnership shows how automation is becoming more of a strategic priority for businesses. As that continues, organizations will want to define, track and measure KPIs for their business processes.