• June 21, 2024

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), the executive department responsible for providing information technology services to other Virginia state agencies, has launched what it claims is the first public sector end-to-end RPA service offering. With its technology partner UiPath, VITA intends to extend RPA capability to all 65 agencies in its portfolio of customers.

“VITA is committed to delivering sustainable and effective results to our customers through innovative, efficient and secure services,” said Nelson Moe, chief information officer of the Commonwealth. “Our RPA service offering will enable employees across the entire executive branch to save thousands of hours of time and provide our customer agencies with opportunities to realize maximum returns on the public’s investment while innovating for the future.”

VITA said it piloted RPA within the finance function—a familiar launching pad for the technology—focusing on invoice reporting. The pilot improved an error-prone process to 100 percent accuracy and will save hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in its first year of operation. Another pilot helped the Virginia Department of Health transition from paper health lab reports to electronic forms during the pandemic.