• August 14, 2022

In partnership with NICE we have created a dedicated space on our website for information & perspective from the NICE team.

NEVA: An integrated automation platform that brings people and robots together

RPA has already enabled organizations around the world to increase productivity, reduce errors and drive efficiencies. When you add NEVA attended automation to the equation, you will unlock a far more extensive set of benefits from automation.

Defining Attended Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This White Paper highlights new research from NICE & the Everest Group. It explores the attended RPA journey from an enterprise practitioner’s perspective and identifies capabilities that matter to businesses, such as key adoption drivers, barriers to scaling, and best practices.

NEVA Discover Solution Demo Video

See how you can quickly identify, automate and optimize processes with NEVA Discover’s AI-powered automation discovery.


Task Mining or Process Mining?

What is the best approach for process automation discovery – both!

See why in this video.

Attended Automation Keeps CSRs on the Compliant Path

Contact center agents are under constant pressure to meet many, sometimes conflicting, KPIs like adhering to company policies while focusing on the customer experience. An attended automation bot can help mitigate that by acting as the CSRs’ personal helper and keeping them within the guardrails of internal policies and external regulations.

NEVA Increases First Contact Resolution

NEVA, NICE Attended Automation bot, enables call center operations to dramatically increase first contact resolution and eliminate errors, by providing CSRs with all the info they need to reach quick, full resolution.