• January 21, 2021

Welcome to the newest section of RPA Today. In partnership with NICE we have created a dedicated space on the website for information & perspective from the NICE team.

New Contact Center Case Study

The Swinton Group is a United Kingdom-based insurance retailer established in 1957. The company operates a contact center in Manchester, England, employing 450 frontline agents (out of over 1,000 employees overall). The agents handle an annual contact volume of about 2.4 million.

Swinton adopted a robotic process automation strategy. This included the deployment of both attended and unattended robots to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the various contact center workflows.

You can direct download the 2 page PDF to learn about their positive results, such as:

  • Reduced hold and wrap time
  • AHT reduced by an average of 50 seconds
  • AHT for new business sales calls reduced by almost 3 minutes
  • Cost savings of 40 FTE
  • Capacity increased by an extra 7,781 calls per month
  • 11% increase in customer NPS

Download the 2 page PDF here

Unleash your employees and processes by strategically using attended and unattended automation in tandem

Download the PDF from NICE & HfS

As enterprises strive to scale their automation programs and fashion RPA into a native element of their digital business architecture, they are increasingly turning to attended automation as a core lever to help drive adoption at scale and achieve tangible value in the very near-term—while hoping to fundamentally redesign processes in the long-term.

Attended automation must be a native part of broader automation, customer and employee experience (CX/EX), and enterprise strategies. In a recent webinar, NICE and HfS examined attended automation’s evolving role as a complement to enterprise automation programs, joined by OP Financial Group, the largest financial services group in Finland, which is living and learning from its attended-unattended duality.

Download the PDF summary today.

Get to know NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant)

In this 90-second video, learn how NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) personally enables front- and back-office employees to reach their best potential.

NICE is pioneering what it calls Automation For The People, a commitment to people-centered robotics built on a strong robo-ethics framework and easy access to robust technology. In addition to RPA solutions, it is also a leader in attended automation, which is the next big wave in the world of RPA.

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