• January 19, 2022

Welcome to the newest section of RPA Today. In partnership with NICE we have created a dedicated space on the website for information & perspective from the NICE team.

Task Mining or Process Mining?

What is the best approach for process automation discovery – both!

See why in this video.

Relieving the Burden of Repetitive Manual Work in the Contact Center with Attended Automation

For contact center agents, the past year has certainly not been easy. That’s why leading companies are looking at how they can use automation to address the pressures agents have experienced working from home and dealing with massive call volumes from distressed angry customers seeking reassurance from a human voice.

NICE Brings First Code of Ethics to the RPA Industry for the Greater Global Good of Society

Finally, an RPA vendor has formalized a Robo-Ethical framework, with 5 key principles, guiding the responsible and ethical practice of building and deploying process bots.

Attended Automation Keeps CSRs on the Compliant Path

Contact center agents are under constant pressure to meet many, sometimes conflicting, KPIs like adhering to company policies while focusing on the customer experience. An attended automation bot can help mitigate that by acting as the CSRs’ personal helper and keeping them within the guardrails of internal policies and external regulations.

NEVA and Hyperscience Join Forces to Automate Processing of Scanned and Hard-To-Read Handwritten Documents

The NICE and Hyperscience partnership adds an important cognitive capability to NICE’s robotic workforce, helping any organization to dramatically streamline the processing of documents such as supplier invoices, customer onboarding, and even travel declarations. These capabilities have the potential to be particularly transformative for financial services, insurance companies, and government organizations.

Telecom Network Drives Enhanced Customer Experience With Attended Automation

Since the deployment of NEVA, Telia Finland reduced AHT by 30-50% across use cases involving multiple legacy systems and complex processes. With customer insights on their desktops, agents are guided through compliance steps and empowered to deliver a great customer experience. Tying attended automation and RPA together has helped Telia to vastly improve the level of automation in its contact center and realize cost savings.

NEVA Increases First Contact Resolution

NEVA, NICE Attended Automation bot, enables call center operations to dramatically increase first contact resolution and eliminate errors, by providing CSRs with all the info they need to reach quick, full resolution.

Banking Automation: an Emerging Priority in the Banking Industry

Banking automation is moving to near the top of the agenda for leading banks. Some of the benefits banks can reap from a strategic branch automation program include improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, more responsive and efficient operations, and tighter compliance and fraud detection.

The powerful combination of real-time behavior and desktop guidance and automation

NEVA and NICE Enlighten AI bring the first combination of behavioral insights and contextually relevant desktop guidance and automation to service agents.