• September 21, 2020

Welcome to the newest section of RPA Today. In partnership with UiPath, we have created a dedicated space on the website for fast video education & perspective with UiPath’s Chief Evangelist for the Americas, Chet Chambers.

Scaling RPA at Fitch Ratings

Join Chet as he talks with Scott Beach, Director of Intelligent Automation at Fitch Ratings. In this 6 min video, learn how Fitch Ratings has been able to scale their RPA initiatives at Fitch, such as data scraping 500 fields to create a Salesforce integration and more.

How Howard Hughes Automates Lease Abstraction

Join Chet as he talks with Sam Ragavachari of the Howard Hughes Corporation. In this 3 min video, Sam talks about how they are using RPA to automate the two hour manual process of ingesting paper leases, to just 10 min, while reducing errors and risk.

How the Dentsu Aegis Network uses Computer Vision to scale their global partnerships

Join Chet as he talks with Brian Klochkoff of Dentsu Aegis Network. In this 4 min video, Brian shares how the implementation of RPA in their internal COE, has saved 32,000+ hours of work. He also highlights their initiative to use Computer Vision and AI Fabric, allowing them to truly scale their global partnerships with Google, Microsoft & Amazon.

How IBM uses RPA to help create Intelligent Workflows

Chet talks with Chris Arrasmith, the Global Industry Solutions Leader at IBM, to discuss how IBM uses RPA to help create efficient intelligent workflows. Watch this 5 min video to learn how IBM is working with the insurance industry to create end to end claims solutions with highly complex workflows, keeping humans in the loop, as well as his insights for digital workers in the months ahead.