• July 21, 2024

Microsoft could be bolstering its position in RPA once again. According to multiple published reports, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant is in talks to acquire RPA technology provider Softomotive. Last November, Microsoft launched its foray into RPA by rebranding its workflow automation engine as Power Automate and it introduced its flagship RPA product, UI Flows, in April.

While sources have told media outlets that a deal could be reached in a matter of weeks, no one from either company has confirmed an impending agreement.

Softomotive was founded in 2005 and moved its headquarters from Athens to London in 2015. It launched its most popular product, WinAutomation, in 2008. In an RPA Today interview, CEO Marios Stavropoulos touted attended automation as the future of RPA.

“I believe the next opportunity is in attended automation and this will provide huge value to organizations,” Stavropoulos told RPA Today. “Having the choice to automate either an entire process from end-to-end or only part of the process is important, and automating part of a process is only possible using attended automation.”