• June 20, 2024

A new consultancy based in the Dallas, Texas area providing expertise in developing process automation strategy and execution announced its launch on Monday. Outamation joins a growing ecosystem of firms end users can partner with to define use cases, connect with technology providers, develop prototypes, test and deploy RPA and other technologies to automate business processes.

Sapan Bafna, one of Outamation’s founders and its managing director, spent nearly two decades leading the development of analytical decision models in the mortgage industry and told RPA Today the company’s launch is the culmination of a long career in the automation space creating solutions to solve specific business process challenges.

Bafna said the company’s proprietary methodology, called Drip Innovation, will distinguish it from others providing consulting services to businesses that want to implement RPA and intelligent automation solutions. According to Bafna, the name was inspired by the form of irrigation that sends a smaller amount of water directly to a plant’s roots. He posits that specific changes on a smaller scale can have outsized effects on a business.

The company is agnostic regarding directing its clients toward specific RPA technology, Bafna says but notes its recommendation flow based on interviews with clients usually ends with them using Microsoft’s Power Automate or UiPath.