• June 20, 2024

Digital workflow technology provider ServiceNow has released an updated version of its Now Platform it says features AI-powered RPA and process mining capabilities. While the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company’s software has traditionally helped organizations manage workflows for their IT help desks, it says the updated platform, which it is calling its “Utah” release, will optimize processes beyond IT service management to include field management.

“Organizations no longer need to choose between speed and innovation, or great experiences and business growth,” CJ Desai, president and COO at ServiceNow said. “ServiceNow’s intelligent platform offers fast time to value, continuous net new innovation, and a simplified and seemingly invisible upgrade experience so customers can do more with less and transform their business models. Our latest release is designed for this moment – empowering organizations to maximize efficiency, accelerate ROI on digital spend, and create simplified, connected experiences across their entire value chain.”

In addition to AI-powered automation improvements, the Utah release includes AI Search, expanded workforce optimization tools and health and safety incident management capabilities. The release builds on automation capabilities that were added to the Now Platform in the wake of the company’s acquisition of Intellibot two years ago.