• June 21, 2024

Uniphore, a Bay Area technology provider specializing in automating customer service interactions, which recently netted more than $400 million in new funding, has released an automation solution for sales organizations that uses emotional intelligence metrics as inputs.

The company said its Q for Sales solution uses computer vision, tonal analysis, automatic speech recognition and natural language processing to “capture and make recommendations on the full emotional spectrum of sales conversations.”

While Covid-related travel restrictions on businesses may be easing, sales departments will likely rely on more low-cost virtual interactions than they did prior to 2020. Uniphore’s sales solution enables businesses to read non-verbal communication cues, at which in-person sales were expert at deciphering, in virtual environments.

“Emotions have always played a major role in sales,” said Sylvain Tremblay, senior vice president of Uniphore’s Video AI business. “Everyone has heard the expressions ‘read the room’ and ‘people buy from people they trust’ which get lost in today’s remote engagements. Q for Sales augments the sellers’ ability to capture these cues so they can focus on what really matters to their customers and transform their buying experience. This is the solution that teams will rely on to humanize their interactions resulting in a win-win for both sides.”